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1 cupchopped white chocolate
1 cup chopped dark chocolate
White chocolate chips for garnish
200 grams polenta short crust dough
1 cup double cream


1. Preheat oven to 180º C.
2. Dust the worktop with refined flour, and roll the short crust dough into a half inch thick sheet.
3. Place a cookie cutter on the dough sheet and cutinto roundels. Line the tart moulds with these roundels.
4. Place pieces of baking paper on the tartlets, put any beans and blind bake for ten to twelve minutes.
5. To make the chocolate ganache, heat cream in a non-stick pan till just warm. Put dark chocolate into a bowl and add half the cream. Put white chocolate into another bowl and add the remaining cream. Whisk both dark and white chocolate mixtures well till well blended.
6. Remove the tarts from the moulds, and fill them with white chocolate ganache and let it set for five to ten minutes.
7. Carefully spoon the dark chocolate ganache on top. Set aside again for few minutes till it sets.
8. Garnish with white chocolate chips and serve chilled.

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